2012 Oct VR Fest Rally Registration

2018 Yankee Rally Registration

Each bike attending the rally should fill out a form - even if you're only staying the day.
All Information entered here is confidential and secure.  Your information will not be shared with any others under any circumstances other than an emergency.
All information collected via this form will be destroyed via shredder immediately following the rally.
Thanks for your co-operation in helping to make this both a safe and fun rally.

VR Name if Applicable
City or Town
State or Province
Expected Date of Arrival
Which Nights you are staying over
Passenger Name
Passenger Address
Cell Phone Number
In Case of Emergency Contact
Emergency Phone Number
Year and make of Bike
Registration Number
Number of years Riding
Speed You are comfortable at for group riding
Group Riding Experience
Have you made your room reservations.Yes
Special Needs, Info, Allergies, or Comments