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   Since we opened, we've had the privilige of talking with, or chatting to some great people from all over the country and Canada.
  This is a great plus for us, meeting other bikers from just about everywhere.   An unexpected, pleasant surprise.
 This page is dedicated to those bikers.
   A chance to show you on your bike, or just you wearing your leathers.
  Thank You for being customers of  Cycle Sports Leather - keep the shiny side up!!!!
~ Jay

CSL708 Jacket & CSL 334 Chaps, Grey Thunder Bags
Jay C. - Ludlow, MA

CSL708 Jacket & Zipper Boots
Randy B. - Buckeye, AZ

CSL780Jacket & CSL334 Chaps
Dave K. - Northport, FL

Pink - New Mexico

CSL 708 Jacket
Mike D. - Edmund, OK

Want to add you picture to this page - send it to Cyclesportsleather@charter.net  now!!!